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AAE 3D Forever Periodic Table / Chemical Element System Model Kit
spacer A kit for a three-dimensional model 13.75" tall by 18" dia. in full color of the ACTUAL arrangement of the chemical elements ( featuring the Theodore Gray famous element photography on the Alexander Arrangement of Elements format of continuous and contiguous elements, groups, and blocks.
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spacer $49.95 the Alexander Arrangement / Chemical Element System model kit
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3D Illustrated Alexander Arrangement of Elements model kit

AAE DeskTopper Model Kits
spacer Two fully color coded Alexander Arrangements which assemble in minutes, providing an improved view of the real Chemical Element System as well as a new and correct way of introducing the necessities and convenience of the flat Periodic Table. Printed on sturdy card stock. 4.75" tall when assembled.
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spacer $19.95 DeskTopper / Chemical Element System personal model pair (2)

AAE DeskTopper Model – Y over La – Alexander Arrangement

Order Page for Chemical Element System models in the Alexander Arrangement of Elements format

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