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...when the Alexander Arrangement provides clarity and appreciation of the standard table

3D Periodic Tables

...from de Chancourtois and Mendeleev to the 20th Century interpreters

Making a DeskTopper
...adding a dimension to the periodic table – physically and intellectually

DeskTopper as Caddy
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How Boys Learn
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...action is the answer – don't just sit there, do something!

Lesson plan –

...using prior knowledge, piqueing interest, motivating – "...involve me and I'll understand."

Lesson plan –
Inquiry Based

...using prior knowledge, piqueing interest, motivating – "...involve me and I'll understand."

The DeskToppers are the quick and easy form of the Alexander Arrangement of Elements (AAE), especially useful in a full classroom, hands–on lesson just prior to the lesson in your curriculum that normally introduces the periodic table.
Four different views of the DeskTopper Model – Lu under Y
Working with parts of the printed sheet, students learn of the blocks and the connections by holding them in their hands and doing these connections while building a periodic table of their very own – a welcome change from printed charts, especially for boys.
Students can now understand the foundation of all flat periodic tables: continuity (of atomic number sequence) and contiguity (of chemical similarities – families), because the AAE, of all periodic tables, depicts them accurately and completely.
Arranging all the elements in order (with successive elements touching), while still keeping the accepted groups and families, is possible only because of the limitations of 2D having been removed.

Teachers, inserting the DeskTopper or the larger Illustrated AAE versions into the curriculum just prior to trends lesson with a flat chart, will find that by initiating students to a more correct form of the flat table - obeying the the Periodic Law - will speed and improve learning by adding credibility to the flat table.. and Chemistry!


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How Boys Learn ... and don't How Boys Learn ... and don't

pre–Periodic Table Teaching pre–Periodic Table Teaching

DT as Caddy DT as Caddy

the Roadkill DeskTopper the Roadkill DeskTopper

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