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the Chemical Element System Model
in the Alexander Arrangement of Elements format
         ...the exciting & motivating 3D classroom size model of the AAE, by adhering strictly to the Periodic Law, and when in classroom introduction prior to the Periodic Table, tangibly validates the former while deflecting criticism of the latter for the inability - in 2D - to show element relationships both continuous in atomic number sequence and with all property related elements contiguous.
Learning is Better:   Starting with the Chemical Element System's accuracy, students recognize that previously perceived periodic table faults are unavoidable if all the elements are to be seen at once - the very feature of periodic tables that allow the DOING of chemistry!
K.I.S.S.:   The system models presentation is de-cluttered, and focuses on what simple substances of elements actually exist NOW pictured - for prior knowledge to kick in.
New Motivates:   New, unique, and attractive objects raise the level of interest of everyone everywhere, and the Alexander Arrangement does this in the classroom.
Understanding:   3D models always promote motivation and clarity. Consider how many other models are used in teaching chemistry, biology, and physics.
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The LEGENDARY Alexander Arrangement DeskTopper
           ...a personal model for students
Teachers, inserting the DeskTopper or the larger Illustrated AAE into the curriculum just prior to the trends lesson will find that by initiating students to a more correct form of the flat table - obeying the the Periodic Law - will speed and improve learning by adding credibility to the flat table - where all the elements are visible at a glance!.
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Periodic Table Books authored by Eric Scerri
           ...lecturer in philosophy of chemistry and science.
Eric Scerri is a leading philosopher of science specializing in the history and philosophy of chemistry and especially the periodic table. He has been teaching chemistry as well as history and philosophy of science and conducting research at UCLA for the past sixteen years.
Scerri is the author of the bestselling The Periodic Table: Its Story and Its Significance (2007), The Periodic Table: A Very Short Introduction (2011) and A Tale of Seven Elements, which was named among the top 12 science books of the year 2013 by New Scientist magazine, and many others.

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the AAE Chemical Element System Model,
evidence of the Periodic Law

3D FOREVER PERIODIC TABLE rotation video option
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DeskTopper Alexander Arrangement
Concept of the Alexander Arrangement of Elements
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Some Scerri Periodic Table Books

Bookcase of Eric Scerri, famous Americal Reriodic Table Philosopher

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the Element System is a Helix - modeled today in the Alexander Arrangement of Elements

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